Parsley Box Best Picks Selection (B1)

Try Parsley Box for the first time with one weeks worth of our favourite meals. (2.7 kg)

Please note: we have temporarily substituted pilau rice for long grain rice


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No freezing required Easy to store meals

1 x Shepherd's pie, 1 x Beef Stew, 1 x Steak Hotpot, 1 x Sausage & mash, 1 x Chicken Tikka Masala, 1 x Hearty Lasagne, 1 x Beef Bourguignon, 1 x Ultimate Mashed Potato, 1 x Long Grain Rice, 2 x Cherry & Almond Pudding, 2 x Chocolate Orange Pudding

Our Serving Suggestions: We recommend serving our Slow Cooked Beef Bourguignon alongside our Ultimate Mashed Potato, finished with Steamed Tenderstem Broccoli. Whilst we suggest pairing our Chicken Tikka Masala with our steamed Long Grain Rice, for a takeaway night in.


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