Parsley Box Taste of the World Beef in a Black Bean Sauce Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken with Lemon & Ginger Sweet & Sour Chicken Long Grain Rice Pilau Rice

Taste of the World Selection

A selection of our Asian and Indian inspired meals, containing popular favourites for a week night-in. (2.93 kg)

Please note: our Beef in a Black Bean Sauce has a Best Before Date of 25/07/23.

Portion size: 8 Meals, 8 Rice
Code B4 £42.00


Our Tastes of the World selection includes:

2 x Beef in a Black Bean Sauce (225g), 2 x Chicken Tikka Masala (225g), 2 x Chicken with Lemon & Ginger Sauce (225g), 2 x Sweet & Sour Chicken (225g), 6 x Long Grain Rice (125g), 2 x Pilau Rice (125g).

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