Coq Au Vin - 2 Pack

Two of our Coq Au Vin. British chicken thigh pieces slow cooked in a rich Burgundy red wine sauce with silverskin onions and smoked pancetta.

Portion size: 2 Meals
Code 1428 £9.90 £8.50


A French classic. British chicken thigh pieces are slow cooked in a rich Burgundy red wine sauce with silver skin onions and diced smoked pancetta until tender. Finished with garlic and thyme for a full flavoured dish, perfect for a night in.

Each of our new slow cooked dishes, can be enjoyed in three ways or more! From night in main courses, to the perfect cheat ingredient for home cooks.

Our 3 ways...

For an easy mid-week supper, serve alongside creamy mashed potato and steamed green beans. A quick and easy lunch, use as a filling for a crisp and fluffy oven baked jacket potato, simply add fresh thyme sprigs and a spoonful of crème fraiche for extra indulgence. Make more dishes, simply decant into an oven proof pie dish, top with thinly sliced potatoes, fresh thyme sprigs and brush with melted butter. Bake until crisp and golden brown. Serve hot, alongside sautéed carrots.

Our Drinks Pairing Perfect paired with Burgundy red wine, accentuating the rich bold flavours of the sauce.

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