Calorie Conscious Selection Beef Stew Corned Beef Hash Chicken Fricassee Chicken & Bacon Pie Chunky Chicken & Grain Soup Chunky Lentil & Bacon Soup Hearty Shepherd's Pie Hearty Steak Hotpot Chicken, Tomato & Basil with Rice Minced Beef Hotpot Coq Au Vin Irish Stew Chicken Chasseur Long Grain Rice Carrot & Swede Crush Ultimate Mashed Potato None

Calorie Conscious Selection

A selection of 7 tasty lunches and dinners, all of under 400 calories, designed for a balanced diet.

RRP: £64.55

Special Selection Price: £60

Saving you: £4.55

Portion size: 12 Meals, 2 Soups, 4 Sides
Code B101 £64.55 £60.00


This selection includes:

Lunches: 1 x Beef Stew (270g), 2 x Corned Beef Hash (270g), 1 x Chicken Fricassee (270g), 1 x Chicken & Bacon Pie (270g), 1 x Chunky Chicken & Grain Soup (300g), 1 x Chunky Lentil & Bacon Soup (300g).

Dinners: 1 x Hearty Shepherd's Pie (400g), 1 x Hearty Steak Hotpot (400g), 1 x Chicken, Tomato & Basil with Rice (350g), 1 x Minced Beef Hotpot (270g), 1 x Coq Au Vin (225g), 1 x Irish Stew (270g), 1 x Chicken Chasseur (225g), 1 x Long Grain Rice (125g), 1 x Ultimate Mashed Potato (125g), 2 x Carrot & Swede Crush (125g).


Lunches: Beef Stew, Corned Beef Hash, Chicken Fricassee, Chicken & Bacon Pie, Chunky Chicken & Grain Soup, Chunky Lentil & Bacon Soup.

Dinners: Hearty Shepherd's Pie, Hearty Steak Hotpot, Chicken, Tomato & Basil with Rice, Minced Beef Hotpot, Coq Au Vin, Irish Stew, Chicken Chasseur, Long Grain Rice, Ultimate Mashed Potato, Carrot & Swede Crush.

For Allergens, including Cereals containing Gluten, see ingredients in CAPITALS on the product pages shown above.

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