Canned Wine Co No.1 Grüner (1448)

250ml - Large glass

Mouth-watering white wine full of peach and green apple layered over pepper spice. Try if you like Sauvignon Blanc.

Please note: we cannot sell this product to anyone under 18 years of age.

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We have partnered with the Canned Wine Co, to bring you delicious, high-quality accessible wines, made in the most sustainable way possible. They are obsessed about working with Europe's finest winemakers, who know what they're doing and make amazing wines, to deliver their wine in small perfectly portioned cans - without compromised.

Not only does canning significantly reduce C02 emissions by over 70% per litre compared to traditional heavy bottles, they ensure the wine is canned at the perfect time to drink. Once canned it's airtight, so it's not going to get any better - you get the best drinking moment first, experiencing the wine at it's most optimum. 

Meet No.1 Grüner, dry and herbaceous Grüner Veltliner made by Michael Huber for Canned Wine Co. This organic wine comes from Niederösterreich, the largest wine growing region for Qualitätswein in Austria. We have worked with Huber to source the finest organic grapes from 
biodiverse vineyards. Made in a classic style; the fruit is gently pressed and fermented in stainless steel tanks to retain freshness. It is a dry white wine with a voluptuous and fresh mouthfeel, packed to the brim with peaches, green apples and a zingy finish that is bursting with citrus and spicy white pepper. Try if you like Sauvignon Blanc. 

Our Food Pairing
A very versatile wine, it makes a perfect palate cleanser and pairs well with light meats and seafood. We recommend trying alongside our Salmon, Tomato and Brown Rice, as the acidity will balance the fish and the light body balance the fennel notes.


12% ABV
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Best served lightly chilled.

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